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Learn to Earn

We show you WHAT and HOW to practice for just 15 minutes each day. You can be FLUENT in 15!

Each time you practice and learn, you earn FLUENCY CREDITS. This gives you more time improving and getting better at English!

From preparing for job interviews to being ready for your professional exams.

From speaking fluently and confidently to having a better understanding with better listening skills.

FLUESL is for non-natives like you who need professional and confident English to take their life and career to the next level.

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Fluent in 15

The way to get fluent in a language is practice – and consistent practice and it doesn’t need to take a lot of your time.

Only 15 minutes each day when it suits you most, morning, afternoon or evening and you’ll see results that’ll impress you.


Each time you sign in and practice, take the tests or recommend friends to FLUESL, you’ll earn FLUENCY CREDITS. 

These credits open up more practice resources for you, allowing you to improve even more!

Learn to Earn

Online English Lessons for Cabin Crew Interviews

How & What To Practice

Language learners often complain they don’t know what to practice or how to improve.

FLUESL know this which is why we show you HOW To practice and WHAT to practice.

Member Benefits

certificate of English learning

You get certificates for every test and course you successfully complete.

English Lessons Online

Arrange one to one lessons online with ESL experts and professional coaches.


Get unlimited access to lessons, tests and activities geared for professionals.

Meet Ajarn Ken


Your Expert Guide

Hello, I’m Ajarn Ken, a native British English teacher from Scotland, UK, and have been an English coach since 2008.

I have helped coach and teach thousands of learners both online and in classrooms all around the world. One thing that is the same for every one of them is they are unable or do not know how and what to practice.

This is FLUESL that helps students practice professional English for interviews and exams.

Online English Teacher and Coach Ajarn Ken
Ken Thorkildsen

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Need To Know More?

FLUESL is a practice English app that non-native English speakers who want to practice and improve their professional English for general conversations, Professional exams or Job Interviews.

This costs nothing - it's completely FREE. You create your account and get hours of English practice.

Other courses and practices will be added soon that you can buy with FLUENCY credits.

You can buy FLUENCY Credits directly or earn them by completing quizzes, activities, lessons, inviting friends to sign up etc.

When you create your free FLUESL account, you get access to the following:

  • From Local to Global: A CEO's Odyssey - a course that will help you practice your listening skills, reading skills, boost your vocabulary

  • Listen Up Exam Practice 1: Volume 1 - an IELTS type question to help you practice, listening, reading and improve your vocabulary

  • The Phrasal Verb Masterclass Part 1 - 10 modules that will help you understand various uses of Phrasal Verbs

  • Grammar Practice Volume 1 - General quizzes and tests for grammar, vocabulary, expressions etc

  • 5 Lesson Friday - a weekly newsletter that will help you with IELTS type vocabulary and general English usage

You have unlimited access to the courses in your account and that you buy.

You can use the lessons, tests and activities as often as you wish!

The founder of FLUESL is Ken Thorkildsen who, since 2008, has specialised in helping young professionals and university graduates to prepare for exams, job interviews and confidence building for everyday English.

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